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           This is the On-Line Family Tree of the Gatlin-Martin Family Connections, and those connected.

The Core 'Gatlin' is considered to be Thomas Mitchell Gatlin (of Louisiana 1818-1875) and the Core 'Martin' being James Shepard (Bit) Martin (of Texas 1845-1910.)

The Tree Views are specific only to the Root Person, and therefore give an incomplete listing of the entire Family Membership.   Seems unfair in some ways, but only one person can be the Root of each Tree for the purpose of the Tree View.    Go to the Index for any available information about your particular person of interest.    Click on the "N" symbol. (if any) for all the notes regarding that particular person.  The notes, where available,  have a wealth of information regarding that person.   We hope our Tree bears fruit for you!

                                      Family Trees are growing, living works in progress, and are never complete, which is true with this Site as well.  

                                                                             The most recent issue of this Database is:   December 14, 2011 

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                                                                       This is submitted in Honor and Respect to those who have shared not only their Genes with us,

                                                                                                             but also have provided a Life Path for all to follow.

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